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2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid (AMPS)


Structural Formula:: Molecularweight:207.24
1. Water treatment:
The AMPS monomer homopolymer with the acrylamide acrylic acid monomer homopolymer, they could besludge dehydrating agent in the sewage purification process and preservative of the iron,zinc,aluminum,cooper,alloy in the closed water circulation system, they also could be used ascleaning and scale inhibitor of heatercoolingtowerair cleanerg-cleaner.
2. Oilfield chemistry:
This product is rapid development in the application of the oil field chemistry. The scope including oil well cement admixtures drilling fluid additive acidizing fluid well completion fluid,work over fluid,fracture fluid.
3. Synthetic fiber:
The AMPS is the important monomer which could change the combination property of some synthetic fiber, in particular, the orion and the modacrylic fiber with chloride, the dosage is the 1-4 of the fiber, it could improve the white contentdyeing property ntistaticventilation property and flame resistance.
4. The sizes of the textile: The copolymer of the acrylami-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid, ethyl acetate and acrylic acid, it is the ideal size of the cotton and the polyester blend fabric, it has the characteristic of easy to use and east to use the water to remove.
5. Paper making:
The copolymer of the acrylamide2methylpropane sulfonic acid with other watersoluble monomer, this is the indispensable chemical in all kinds of papermaking factory, it could be used as the drainage aid and on gel, it could increase the strength of the paper, it also could be used as the pigment dispersing agent of color coating.
Package :
25kg net strong bags. Or according to the user .
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